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                      Shenyang New World ? The Riverfront

                      Project Summary

                      New World ?The Riverfront is Phase II of Shenyang New World Garden, adjacent to the northern shores of the Hun River and Shenshui Bay Park. With a high greenery ratio of 48%, it boasts the convenience and prosperity of the Wuli River and Sanhao Street. 20 low-rise residential towers offer 2,600 units with river view.

                      • Residential
                      • (86) 24 2360 5888
                      • 141 Xianggang Road, Heping District, Shenyang
                    • Project Characteristics

                      With chic, eco-friendly and LOHAS designs, this project creates an ideal LOHAS and healthy home with comprehensive sports facilities.
                      Meticulously decorated as well as bare shell units of 1 to 5 rooms with Gross Floor Areas from 75 to 435 sq. m.
                      1.3-km outdoor jogging track, basketball court, tennis court and special stairway running track.

                      Shenyang Green Building Demonstrational Project – Shenyang Urban and Rural Construction Committee

                      315 Quality Property – Sina Leju

                      2016 first half of the year “Top Residential Property Sales” – Shenyang Real Estate Association, Liaoshen Evening News

                      2016 first half of the year "Top Regional Sales” – Shenyang Real Estate Association, Liaoshen Evening News

                      2016 Shenyang “Top Eight Innovative Residential Properties” – ifeng Property

                      2016 first half of the year Shenyang River View “Top Selling Property” - Shenyang Daily

                      2015 “Best Luxury Boutique Residential Property” Award – 58.com, China Real Estate Data Academy