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                      In order to achieve sustainability over the long term, NWCL is committed to minimising any adverse impact its business operations may have on the environment and strives to enhance the quality of life in the communities where we operate.

                      Performance Highlights

                      Monitoring our environmental impact is integral to our business operations, helping us manage risk and develop opportunities. Our sustainability performance is summarised as follows:


                      Water saved


                      Energy saved


                      Average hours of training per employee


                      Volunteering activities
                      ( Figures for projects in FY2017 )

                      NWCL hopes to promote sustainability during a building's entire life cycle by initiating practical green designs and generating a positive social impact in our community through charitable donations and volunteering services.

                      We are committed to

                      Exceeding statutory requirements relating to sustainability issues
                      Engaging NWCL stakeholders and develop mutual communications channels on our sustainability performance
                      Minimising as much as possible the potential environmental impacts of our Company's projects
                      Enhancing the quality of life in the communities where we operate
                      Provide a safe working environment for staff and inspire them to grow with the Company
                      Influence suppliers to share the Group’s beliefs with regard to corporate sustainability
                      Continuously improving the sustainability performance of NWCL through regular monitoring and reporting

                      Sustainability Report

                      Starting in 2016, our efforts and performance in pursuit of sustainability will be published in the New World Development's Sustainability Report.


                      Download eBook  |  PDF


                      Download eBook  |  PDF
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