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The emergency response team had already rushed out. Wang Zheng was being carried out. It was obvious that Wang Zheng was in bad shape now, but he got down from the stretchers.


Even if they had power, and taken to a high level, it made others feel a lot better. This meant that their future growth would be better than Wang Zheng’s. This guy could have his time now, but he would not achieve the same in the next phase.


Wang Zheng was still pondering. He had a lot of choices, and the mecha he was good at could also take on multiple positions. The Double Warriors Order was actually a pretty good choice.


Both sides quickly chose their mecha. Without any surprise, Ouyang Chuanyun chose the Knight of the Holy Light. However, it was a surprise that he chose to equip himself with a spear this time. One would wonder if it was some sort of challenge.


After their win, Fatty did not feel much. The most important thing was that he had fulfilled his mission. Boss was a great guy, except that he always gave him the heavy burdens. It would’ve been great if this matter had been passed onto broader shoulders.


Lie Xin’s desire for battle had reached a critical point too. With Lie Xin’s stern character, watching Achilles’ evolution, and even Snow Li’s improvement, she must have been full of spirit and wilfulness. She was undaunted by the opponents, but was terrified of being mediocre.

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This atmosphere even brought about some assault to the militaries of the Solar System. The reformists had been eager to introduce change. The performance of Wang Zheng and the rest gave Meng Ao and the rest even more determination and strength to do it. In the change, they were really old.


The Overlord had already struck its spear. This sort of thing could not intimidate an Arbiter warrior.


Zhang Shan did not appear to have any intention of making an attack, he was just bluffing. Zhang Shan’s magnetic source was shot out instantly, leaving the battlefield. Hu Ya’s Wind God lost its balance and swayed a little, and as a result could not follow immediately. Zhang Shan’s energy shield had at most twenty-five percent of energy left. Damn it! He had actually tricked him!


“Brother Lin, could it be that you got it wrong? That fellow is just a bootlicker who wants to climb to higher positions. Looking at him right now, he does not even have control over the Dynasty battle team.” Di Maria disagreed. He had investigated the Dynasty battle team before. It seemed that Lear had given the two Mayans a lot of benefits to get them to agree to help him, in addition to the fact that he was an expert in boot-licking. He had brains and tolerance, but his ability was not yet there.


The spiritual powers of the two were segregating each other simultaneously. It was also interfering with each other at the same time. They were not battling at their best yet.


Its a very interesting rumor. I heard that Princess Aina is in love with Wang Zheng.


The energy shield shattered. Mars could not withstand the strong Wind Demon state. Even though the energy shield of the Holy Light mech was good, it was not indestructible.



Suddenly, the Fighting Spirit supported itself on the ground with its hands, and, like a cannonball, the mech charged towards the Hercules. Let it be known that the distance between the two was less than a meter apart.



With his Holy Light ability at stage three, he had an ace up his sleeve. Ouyang Chuanyun just did not expect himself to be using it in this situation.


Eve Litt did not give chase. You have been infected by my Fire Poison. Your best option now is to withdraw from the competition and seek treatment..


Aragorn had died in the battle and Wang Zheng had gone down too. The two main forces of Saruman Snake were both seriously injured. According to the schedule, it was highly unlikely that they could be featured in the semi-finals. As for Wang Zheng, he was facing the same problem.

  • “Brother Lin, if we continue to watch on, Brother Qiankun might not live to see tomorrow,” Lear said mildly. If Lin Feng and Di Maria acted, he might be confident enough to fight as well. With the four of them, it was impossible that they could not finish off Wang Zheng.
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