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This Wang Zheng seemed to be a proponent of technique. That was why restraining him and then overwhelming him with brawn was the best choice. Assuming that Wang Zheng had not used his own agility and technique had been a mistake.


It was completely derived from the super-streamline traits and materials of the crystals. Together with the energy resonance of the Mayans, this type of attack was formed. On the road to the Mayan technology evolution, practicality was the priority, and giving up what was not necessary. Having energy was equivalent to having power. The only thing that needed next was – speed!


Others’ ability to conceal was limited, but Wang Zheng had seen Lear’s forbearance, and it had reached a horrific point. His way of thinking was different from that of average people. Sometimes, Wang Zheng could not figure out Lear stood for.


They were all a little numb, and looked to Yan Xiaosu. Yan Xiaosu still held the same expression, but in truth, even Mu Lei could not guess what Yan Xiaosu had done. This Bosh Keelung was quite a powerful person, and one of the leaders in Newcastle, and also a distant relative of the Keelung family. Damn, what could scare him like this?


This thought crossed everyones minds. Yet there had never been an opportunity for a confrontation like this because the Moon had fallen so fast.


Si Jiali knew about Wang Zheng. Although she could not say she had a full understanding, he was not unfamiliar. Furthermore, she had also once admired him, maybe even liked him as girl would like a boy. Except that she did not think that Wang Zheng stood any chance. In terms of personal strengths, Lin Feng was more well-rounded, more mature, and more powerful.

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Lear managed to withstand eighty attacks. The moment Lear felt a sense of danger and activated the energy shield, Qian Yunzhuo slammed him with a strike.


In an instant, Wang Zheng and Aragorns gazes seemed to have penetrated through space and saw each other. They both knew that this was the crucial moment. They could hide from others, but not themselves this was war.


Actually within the teams, all those capable of entering the main competition had already received the news. After the preliminaries ended a total of 128 teams would be chosen, but the main competition only needed 64. Half would be eliminated in the qualifiers.


Before arriving here, everyone was a warrior of the Milky Way Alliance. But things had changed. The environment could change a person. This was normal. Xie Yuxin did not seem to be surprised. Hence, he had made the decision.


However, in everyones eyes, Achilles had not moved at all, but he had disappeared in Ouyang Chuanyuns breath.


As soon as she heard that she was on, Lie Xin was visibly thrilled. Lie Xin’s character was the total opposite of Snow Li’s. She could care less, so long as she could battle.


Lou Fei’s Swift Scout was promptly defeated by the captain of the Sirius battle team. The captain of the Sirius battle team won the round grudgingly. He had no choice but to choose the tactic as he did not expect the Pioneer Battle to lose.



The Mayans remained calm despite the storm. Everyone else’s expressions were very exaggerated. Had Manalasuo already conquered the last forbidden zone of mankind?



Luo Fei choosing the Hercules from the start was for the sake of beating Mars half to death. Alloy shovels were the easiest tools to cause concussions with, which would cause Mars to be unable to enter battle. It was just that he had never expected that in that state, he would nearly have killed Mars off.


The third match, Saruman Snakes winning match. If they win this match, Wang Zheng will be crowned god. Let us give a round of applause to this miracle creator of a warrior, the great Demon King! No other sound could be heard both on the inside and outside the arena after Jondi Lilicks roar. Everyone felt that their minds were already in a maximum state of madness.


The Sagittarius Galaxy’s Alliance team did not come from one country, it had been formed by multiple mid-level countries’ colleges…

  • Wang Zheng’s Phantom King could be used for attack or defense, a choice made in full preparation for the team battle.
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