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Handling a sniper just required a firm, oppressive close-in to end everything. For him to not choose a scout mech, he had already given them a lot of face.


After Mars woke, he immediately got up. Wang Zheng was a little surprised as well. This body was ridiculously good. Actually, Mars was still frowning from the pain that shook his whole body. Every bone felt like it had been shattered, but the Arbiter endurance was legendary.


It could be felt by everyone the new energy did not seem that strong. On the SIG battlefield, there were too many experts, and energy of this level had appeared throughout the competition numerous times. If this was Lie Xins trump card, it seemed like she was too naive.


First, he would wear Wang Zheng out. Even if Wang Zheng escaped, he could test his drive. But this guy seemed even more moronic than he had imagined.


Achilles strode proudly forward after finishing those words. The pride of the Sun God. It was as if the proud Achilles of five years ago had returned.


Damn, there was nothing in this world that could defeat Wang Zheng. This was Zhang Shan’s superstition. He himself had not been beaten, so how could Wang Zheng been beaten?

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For the Princess’ honor, he would die in battle. But he did not want this battle sullied. That knife from Wang Zheng had shaken Qiankun Zadeh awake. He was telling Lin Feng not to lose the war over a battle. No matter what, the ability that Wang Zheng displayed deserved respect.


Captain Lilick, did you notice something? Si Jiali felt something amiss too. It was reasonable to assume that under such circumstances, Jondi Lilick wouldnt have lost his composure. It was as if he was lost in some incredible thought.


A ray of Holy Light shot to the sky. Ouyang Chuanyun would never be humiliated in front of the Aslan population. He had worked hard and waited for today.


Anluda’s Wind God continued to pursue. The Wind God was definitely fast, but the Reaper was also a famous Arbiter scout mech. With Sweeney’s sudden blinding ability and the large arena, she was completely playing the opponent. She could easily pull away the distance just by slightly changing directions.


Right now, Wang Zheng was not only representing himself. The entire world was looking at him. What they saw was Earth, the place that was once the origin of human civilization. But had long been forgotten since. It only existed as a fossil that was occasionally mentioned in the textbooks.


Bang, bang, bang, bang Bang, bang, bang, bang Bang, bang, bang, bang Bubble bubble


The two axes flew towards Satie. While using teleportation, he gave up confrontation. Achilles had complete control of the whole situation.



This was the best chance to strike a blow to Aslan. If Kashawen were to go back on her word, then Arbiter would not take it lying down. Of course, this would not result in war, but Kashawen’s international reputation would be dealt a huge blow. Kashawen had also heavily invested in order to secure a seat in the Parliament. The obvious target was the General Speaker, Ryan. This was an opportunity for Arbiter!



It was now Dynastys turn to make a decision. Lear was expressionless. Luo Feis defeat spelled the end of everything. But this was within his predictions. What was more important was what he could gain from this SIG.


Mars could feel his spiritual energy lapsing, and as the distance between the two of them shortened, the speed of the lapse became even faster. The other person could actually give out a life-like joyful gobbling. At this rate, his spiritual energy would be completely cut off from its connection with nature.


“I am certain. Even if Mars goes up, he will be thrashed as well. Ability X has no effect on me!”

  • For the Dynasty battle team, the first to fight would be Luo Fei. The big screen showed Fatty Luos interview, which caused the whole arena to go crazy with excitement. The spectators gave the unorthodox Luo Fei enough passion.
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